Grateful to God

18 Jul Grateful to God

It has been one year since we were in Swaziland and we are in awe of God over what has transpired in that time. We have fully realized the call on our lives to do overseas missions and in that, grown spiritually and emotionally. As a couple we have both been growing theologically, and know that we will be absorbing new information from God’s word until death inevitably takes us home to Him. We’ve been honored to serve in our body as well as the local community. Our marriage covenant has been made stronger through a greater realization of what God’s design for marriage is. We have both seen a more beautiful way to look at one another; as imperfect people who, ultimately, will never bring satisfaction to the other as only Christ offers true satisfaction. We pray that we will continuously strive to serve one another as we serve the desperate and hurting, whether it be here or abroad.

This October we will be returning to Swaziland to finalize which organization we will be serving alongside long-term. Please stop reading for a moment and pray for the trip. Pray that we hear Him as He leads us, for clarity in which organization we should serve with, and for the children who we will have the privilege to live life with.

On May 9th we had our first trivia night to raise funds for our ministry and we were so humbled by the response.  We are so grateful to those who came and gave their time, presence, and finances.  To say we were humbled by everyone’s generosity is an understatement.  We also had the privilege to show our first video to help promote Hearts on Mission.  Please take a few minutes to watch the video and share it with others so they can see the vision we have been given by God to love the hurting children of Swaziland.

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