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Partner Financially

Swazi children and young people need to be taught about the love of Jesus and what it means to follow Him. Your financial gifts will help us mentor, teach, and love the vulnerable kids of eSwatini, as well as provide for the physical needs of the Swazi people our ministry gets to serve.

Sometimes people from western countries feel as though they can’t do anything to fulfill the needs of children in third world countries.  Our prayer is that you realize that even if you can’t physically go, you can go on mission with us through the giving of your finances.  You can make a difference in the lives of children and young people in eSwatini!

Your giving will enable us to supply the spiritual and physical needs of the children in the communities we serve. We will be able to purchase curriculum and supplies to teach the children about the word of God and what it means to follow Jesus. Through these serving opportunities relationships are built, and we are able to mentor and love the children of eSwatini. Lifelong friendships are made, all pointing to the love of our heavenly Father and the great love He has for all of us!