Q: Where is eSwatini? Swaziland_map

A: eSwatini is toward the southern tip of Africa. It is a small landlocked country and shares its border with South Africa and Mozambique.

Q: What are the biggest issues/problems in eSwatini?

A: eSwatini leads the world in cases of HIV/AIDS and also in cases of TB (tuberculosis). Because of that, there are over 120,000 orphans in a country that is roughly the size of New Jersey (very small). It is estimated that there are well over 15,000 homesteads being run by children because the parents often die leaving the children to fend for themselves because they have no where else to go.

Another huge problem is the lack of sound doctrine being taught in churches and homes. False teachers are everywhere, including the television. The false teaching of the prosperity gospel/word faith “theology” is the most prevalent teaching within eSwatini and almost all of Africa. This heresy doesn’t lead people to the saving grace of a relationship with Christ who died for sinners, but rather leads people to a false version of God; one who only wants to feed the greed and comfort driven desires of man.

Q: Why are you serving specifically in eSwatini?

A: The easy answer is because it’s where God has called us. But the answer is more complex than that. The specific needs in eSwatini go hand in hand with how God has gifted us as a couple. eSwatini has many orphans and there is a great need for churches and organizations to step up to care for, teach, and mentor these children. We both love children and have a strong sense for mercy and justice. We believe it’s essential to speak out against false teachers and false teaching. We believe whole-heartedly that eSwatini is where God wants to use us in this specific season of life.

Q: What are your living conditions like?

A: We live in a cement block home with basic furnishings. We have running water (although it usually comes out of the tap very dirty) and all the necessities of life. Our house is surrounded by a cement block wall and fencing with razor wire.